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Luke Perry

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Luke has wanted to be a mixed martial artist ever since he was a young kid! He began training in mixed martial arts (BJJ, Wrestling, and Kickboxing) a little over 2 years ago at his home gym Mission Submissions and has also put in countless hours of cross training at other well-known gyms such as The Garage Kickboxing and Maverick Training Center. Although Luke does love grappling, he is absolutely obsessed with Kickboxing and other striking arts such as Muay Thai and Boxing!
Luke has structured his life around the gym and has no intentions of changing that! Although he started his journey as a rather troubled young man he has found stability, control and peace throughout his journey and has become very passionate about coaching. He not only wants to share his knowledge and love for what he does but also to help others like his younger self. He loves and find purpose in pushing himself and his teammates beyond their limits to bigger and better things!